​How many players does the game support?

From 2 to 5 players with one deck. Combining two decks of whatever edition you can play up to 9 players.

​What's the age range?

The standard edition, kid friendly, is meant to be for 7 and up. the nsfw edition is built for older players, 1​8 and up.

The nsfw edition is a stand-alone game or an expansion?

It is a stand-alone! You can use it to play 2-5 players or combine it with another deck of whatever edition (standard or nsfw) to play up to 9.

What is included in the standard edition and NSFW edition decks?

Both include: 56 playing cards, 5 life-counter cards and an instructions booklet.

Is shipping international?

Unfortunately, shipping is currently only available in Europe and specifically in these countries: Austria, belgium, croatia, denmark, france, germany, greece, ireland, italy, luxembourg, holland, poland, portugal, united kingdom, czech republic, san marino, spain, sweden, vatican. We are working to include as many countries as possible around the globe. If your country is not included in our shipping list, contact tambù via email at info@tambu.pro.

Will shipping hav​e tracking?

Yes shipping is by express courier and will have tracking.

What's the shipping cost?

The shipping cost is €4,90 (around 5$) and for orders above 90€ (around 100$) the shipping will be free.

Will the game be translated in other languages?

As of now, the game will only be available in English and Italian. we'll see in the future, contact us at monkeysonyourback@gmail.com if you want to let us know in which language you would like the game.